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Have you ever had to change a tire at night and got your flashlight out of the trunk only to find dead batteries. With these Solar Lanterns there are no batteries to worry about, Just set them out in the sun and they last all night. Use them for backyard parties, hiking, camping you name it the uses are endless.

I know how frustrating and sometimes frightening such emergency situations can be specially if you have your family with you. I've learned from experience the importance of keeping a good light source in the car for those problems encounted from time to time at night.
These days there is nothing better then a solar powered lattern light opposed to battery operated flashlights that lose there charge very quickly. Today's LED lighting has become the primary choice due to its superior efficiency and low energy wastage. LEDs convert almost 95% of the energy into light and only a meager 5% gets wasted as heat. It is much more efficient than the conventional battery lighting systems. So if your lighting up a walkway or lighting up your living room due to a blackout or making your work area safe when changing your tire, the choice is clear, you need the Solar Air Lantern.

Why do you need a Solar Air Lantern?

Efficiency of LED + Natural Solar Charging + Light Weight & Inflatable = Solar Air Lantern

Lighting is a critical source especially during blackout and night time. Unless you have a light source in hand, you might need to sit through the night in total darkness posing danger to you and your family. Solar air lantern is a better alternative to any other lighting alternative because it does not require any batteries and could last up to 24 hours of bright light off one charge.

The original  Solar Air Lantern comes handy in situations when you need some brighter light in your room during power shortage, camping ground light, during vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road, to light up your hiking trail, illuminate your outdoor tent, emergency flasher to signal for help, act as a spotlight, help to find your way to the outhouse and probably other dozens of uses. In fact, you can even string around a porch or deck to brighten or decorate the outside of your home during festive season.

What makes the Original Solar Air Lantern so versatile?

The Original Solar Air Lantern is an inflatable light that can provide up to 24 hours of bright light off one charge, i.e. 7 hours of direct sunlight.
With 10 LED lights, up to 75 lumens, the illumination from the Solar Air Lantern is extremely powerful. Whether in a car, at home or in the user’s bug out bag, the Solar Air Lantern has the power to shed light on all types of tasks and all kinds of situations both indoor and outdoor.

The Original Solar Air Lantern stands at 5 inches tall when fully inflated and just 1 inch tall when deflated. With a weight of just 4 ounces, the lantern is practically weightless. Its light weight and inflatable design makes it a wonderful portable light source.



Some other features of the Original Solar Air Lantern include:

  • Powered by high-efficient built-in solar panel
  • Splash, water, dust resistant; submersible up to 1m (IP67 rating)
  • 10 LED lights with Low, High and Emergency Flash settings
  • Battery level indicator / 1000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Overcharge and over discharge protection
  • Over-current and short circuit protection
  • 100% warranty protection for the 1st year from manufacturer defects
  • 100% quality tested and certified by international global standards

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